[SCT] Careful Thoughts about Steem Coinpan II

in sct •  3 years ago  (Edited)

While summarizing latest postings on sct tag category, I could see few common things. The main field is still limited to 'blockchain' or 'cryptocurrency' and it seems that majority of people find it difficult to write a post related to the subject. It is narrowed vision of way in fact, and not all the people can find a story to tell daily. Although there are countless news in media popping up, it is however not easy to relate ourselves. If you have interest in those a bit, maybe you can find some source to think about. Personally, I like to draw a mind map when I'm into something, and most of the times it helps me to think a step ahead.

Here are few ideas that I'm into lately : Translatotron AI, Language, Blockchain, Inflation and Cryptocurrency. Pleasing these maps acquires a good concentration and sincerity. Focusing on these subjects is allowing me to hoop in 'writing' eventually. Current Steem engine's situation tells us a lot, and gives a lot to think. It has been stabilized for now but we still need careful observation. Right now, the faith in sct hasn't been failed and everyone's pending on engineers. Hoping the situation gets better soon.

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