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  • There was a pause in the process of posting on all SCOT communities, including the Steem Coinpan today.

  • We checked with the engine team to see if there was any problem with the simultaneous voting and payout process.

  • I have confirmed that there are problems with the six accounts below, and have all returned to their normal values now.

  • I was able to confirm that @naha's account had more problems in particular.

  • We estimated that the problem occurred during the process of voting with Steam Auto Bot.

  • I have confirmed that other accounts have no problem so far.

@yjourney has wrong voting power: 7963 should be 8732
@koyuh8 has wrong voting power: 7743 should be 8341
@teamcn-sct has wrong voting power: 7824 should be 8098
@jjcar has wrong voting power: 8862 should be 9231
@naha has wrong voting power: 1266 should be 7379
@sct.jack.cn1 has wrong voting power: 7916 should be 8244

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괜찮으시다면 공지 글의 아래에 영문 첨부하는데 사용하도록 하겠습니다. @sct

@sct.jac 님!

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