[SCT] Notice : Adjusting Inflation and SCT Token Parameters

in sct •  3 years ago 

공지글 인플레이션 조정 및 sct 토큰 파라미터 조정

  • New token generation is reduced by 60% from 2 sct to 5 sct per 3 blocks (9 seconds).

  • Sct power consumption increases from 2% to 4% for each voting.

  • Sct Power Recovery changes (from 0% to 100%) to 2.5 days instead of 5 days (40% for 1 day).

  • The annual rate of decrease in inflation is changed from -0.5% to -5%.

  • The duration of the UNSTAKE can now be maintained to 3 days by doubling the sct power recovery rate.

  • Sct power will recover 100% the next day in condition of full voting 10 times a day.

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