[SCT] What's Staking? Personal Thoughts

in sct •  3 years ago 

 The bottom line that SCT posted today was about 'Basic Conditional Income'. It is a 'conditional' form that must be staked out over a certain number of SCT tokens since it began solely to compensate inflation of token staking holders. Also, Staking Rich List shows that dozens of people already staked for SCT, and at this point of the day (13:08pm, 5/23), it values 1 Steem for asking which means one thing. The value rose quickly as everyone has expected and profits have been made for people who staked in early stage.

 One posting mentioned that since blockchain is where all the acts are recorded, where everything is written in a transparent manner, where records become history, and where they appear. That's the beauty of Blockchain and I too agree. Every 3 seconds a block is made and the record is sealed. It can be opened to anyone whom in need.

 Just watching these activities in SCT, I soon began to think about the question : What's staking, and the intrinsic value of all. Life is about balance in so many ways. Staking, I believe, is based on trust. What's Trust? Why should I trust SCT? Why should I stake? These are questions and as everyone, I wait for answers from engineers on SCT.

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