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Former Cincinnati Bengal dies at 74

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Former Cincinnati Bengal coach Sam Whey died three days after a brief battle with melanoma. He was 74 years old.

Wyche died at Pickens in S.C., said the Bengal. He endured repeated fights with melanoma and in September asked Cincinnati fans to "wear sunburned moisturizers."

Weiss' son Jack said in Cincinnati that "he was found in his liver and he went really fast." "He was ready to walk around on a walk around Saturday, and there was no response the next morning."

Watch also had a heart transplant in 2016.

Wai was an imaginative coach with the Bengal (1984-91) and Tampa Bay Bucanners (1992-95). He coached the Bengal team as a Super Bowl after the 1988 season, where they lost 20-16 to 49ers in San Francisco. That's the club's most recent Super Bowl appearance.

"Sam was a great man," said Cincinnati owner Mike Brown in a statement. "We got to know him as a player and a coach. As our coach, he had a remarkable success and took us to the Super Bowl. He was friends with everyone here and after that as a resident coach.

"We not only loved him, but respected him as a man. He had extraordinary generosity and continued his life trying to help others. We pay homage to Jane and his children, Jack and Kerry."

Wyche had a record of 84-107 as an NFL coach. He played two season-finals in Bengal with 61-66 and finished with 23-41 in Bucaner. He worked as a television analyst after his coaching career.

He is first recognized for committing groupless crimes, and he is also known for his geek and troublesome remarks.

During the Bengal home game against the Seattle Seahawks in 1989, as the fans threw snowballs at the stadium, Witch grabbed the speech announcer's microphone and encouraged the fans to live "not in Cleveland but in Cincinnati."

In 1990, he was sentenced to the highest fine of $ 27,000 in NFL history at the time for restricting female journalists in the locker room to allow players to gain privacy and comfort. The incident caused a national uproar.

"I won't let women walk around 50 dressed men," Witch said at the time.

Former Bengal star quarterback Ken Anderson, who finished his career as a resident of Waite, told Fox19 in Cincinnati that Waike would always be so sweetly remembered.

"He was a great coach. Anderson said," We had two Super Bowl teams and he was the team that led the group to Super Bowl in 1988. "" I was excited about what he did, he created and you The crowd at the stadium and how noisy it was and the passion, I think it was Sam. "

Prior to his coaching career, Wyche was an NFL quarterback in four teams between 1968-1976. Three of these seasons were with Bengals (1968-70), who was able to make all of NFL's 9 starts and went 2-7.

He passed 1748 yards, 12 touchdowns and 9 intercepts.

Waite played college football in Perman from 1963 to 65.

For the past nine years, Witch has been a volunteer attack coordinator at Pickens High School.

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