December SPUD - realigning 2019 expectations

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Tis the time of the month again to SPUD!

In November, I went to SteemFest and posted a lot about my experience, it was one of the best thing that thas happened since I joined Steemit. After SteemFest in Bangkok, I went to Chiang Mai for a few days. The photo was taken at one of the many temples.

My SteemFest posts were supported by many people and I had a better than average month. I don't know if the support will continue going forward, I hope it will. If not, I am grateful for those who have supported my November journey. With all this, I have managed to increase my SP by 1900 in the month. I now have 16400 SP.

In November, I powered up 1017 SP, 415 last week, and 602 just now for SPUD. The remaining 900ish SP is from the post payouts, and rewards from other Steemit activities.

As I said last month, my target is to reach 20,000 SP in 2019. With 31 days to go, there is absolutley no way I can achieve 3600 SP, which equates to just over 115 SP per day or 23 SBD based on today's rate. I probably can't post every day and even if I do, I don't think I can get 23 SBD for every post. A more realistic target for the year end would be 18000 SP. I think that would be achievable, as long as I don't slack too much and create quality content. So let's see how that goes.

As a support to December SPUD8, I have agreed with @streetstyle to gift the winner with 10 SP. It's not a lot, but I hope it will help the winner with his/her continuous power up journey. I will be powering up this amount to whoever @streetstyle tells me to when he has the results for the month. Good luck to everyone.

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Well done on the power up, you'll be on 20k around February or March I reckon with the rate you're going!

Yes, hopefully, if all goes well I will get there Q1 next year.

I noticed you made it over and above 20K!!! I recall last month we said we were waiting for the Steem Fairy, your's has arrived. Congrats!!!!

Haha yea I couldn't wait, I just went on a spending spree and have some targets I want to reach! 20k was the first one but I would like to enter Orcadom as soon as I can whilst the prices are pretty low, I have some other coins that I can probably trade that are just sitting there. At least one can earn steem to build up the pot as well and there's many ways to grow one's account other than posting so combining a few of these will make it interesting to see how much SP I can get before the inevitable bull run!

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Beautiful picture and great to have goals and help others with theirs!

Thanks for your lovely comment @sjarvie5. By the way, I wonder if @jarvie has given given you my little gift yet?

No he hasn't. He lives in Utah and I am in Arizona. I will see him in February when he comes to Arizona.

Been looking for SPUD post this morning.
Glad you are holding #steem and power up.
Keep #SPUD alive.

I'm sure you'll seen plenty by now, maybe things are a bit slow on a Sunday, but its good they are starting to filter through.

Thanks for dropping by.

Very colourful

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Yay... I'm powdered powered up today too. :-)

Yes!! The only way is Up!!!

For a Happy New Year.:-)

Hi @livinguktaiwan, a modest tip of appreciation:

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Thank you for both sponsoring and participating in support of #spud and this #spud8 Good luck on your quest, and hopefully the path continues to be supported my many. Take care @livinguktaiwan and yes I will update with the SPUD winners.

You're welcome, just trying to do my little bit

It all helps to make a big difference..... take care @livinguktaiwan

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Good luck o achieving your new goal! :D

Thanks Gabriela

Well done my friend it is a shame i didn't get to me you hopefully next time in another part of the world...Cheers have a great week 🙂

Thanks @hangin!

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