Possibility of Real Estate Token Development

in sct •  4 months ago 
  • Investing in the real estate market is not always easy. This investment requires considerable money. Now is the time to think of a new investment method, the real estate token. This process using blockchain was already offered to many STOs in 2019.

  • Real estate tokens are digital assets used to represent ownership of various real estate. Sellers and buyers will trade through digital tokens. This deal is already being implemented in our real world.

  • For investors and issuers, real estate tokens offer many advantages. The biggest advantage is, of course, liquidity. Real estate is still considered non-current assets. This is a fatal disadvantage of real estate investment. Higher liquidity makes it easier to buy and sell real estate assets.

  • Real estate tokens can be divided into smaller sizes, so there is no need to buy them as a whole. Buyers can buy a portion of the token at a lower price. When the amount of capital needed to participate in the market decreases, the market opens upto many people.

  • The final advantage of real estate tokens is the expansion of the investor pool. This is a kind of digital asset using a network, so anyone with enough funds and internet connection can participate. Potential buyers and sellers around the world can access at any time.

  • In this way, real estate tokens offer all the benefits that blockchain offers. What are the characteristics of blockchain? Security, transparency, immutability, and distributed networks. Anyone can know exactly where their funds went. And with decentralization, someone can't control the network at will.

  • So far, real estate tokens are not mainstream in the coin market. But this means new markets are emerging. Now, the real estate industry and the blockchain industry are creating new synergy. And this will give us many opportunities.

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