The 4th SteemFest in Bangkok, 2019

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  • This SteemFest will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. The event would last five days from 6th to 10th in November, and it is actually the first event in Asia.

  • This SteemFest in Bangkok is the fourth festival of Steemit users, following Amsterdam (2016), Lisbon (2017) and Krakow (2018). Until now, SteemFest has been the best friendly meet-up for many users from all over the world.

  • About 30 speakers will be present, including @elipowell and @andrarchy of the Steemit foundation, establishing a place of friendship and communication again.

  • SteemFest was created by the Roeland Landegent (@roelandp). He tried to bring every users who want to share their friendship together.

  • A half of the audience would be developers, and a third of the total attendees would be women.

  • In general, you have to fix your own plane tickets and hotels to participate in the SteamFest. Participation in SteamFest requires a relatively high participation fee as well.

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