RE: Do you think Palnet "holds no value" and disagree with minnowsupport bot?

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Do you think Palnet "holds no value" and disagree with minnowsupport bot?

in sct •  2 years ago 

There is this account camillesteemer that downvotes random people for no reason and it has pissed people off. The SP and downvote of course is 0 but it puzzles you when you get that downvote of him or her. That's probably the kind of culture we are heading for and I guess I will rest my case here and just deal with it, you say.

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Yeah, I get downvoted often. Coininstant and the account you mentioned as well. sometimes even from some accounts that have a nice amount of stake.

Both upvotes and downvotes are valid. I just accept the votes and move in. I consider a post open for people to express their opinion on for 7 days and the rewards become mine when the post closes.

Sadly some have behaved so childishly over some downvotes they have trained the entire community that downvotes are punishments or bad, when really all it is a a way to raise the value up or down using stake. :)

I think it will settle down as people understand they are a normal part of curation. If we can't normalize them I honestly think Steem will fail.