Draw on Blockchain : First Try of Steemcoinpan

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The hottest topic among the Chinese community.

Thank you @nostalgic1212 for inviting me to try Steemcoinpan. With my extra long reflex arc, I finally try to post something about while everyone is already claiming reward...❤️

Here are somethings after I chasing postssssss and tutorial written in Chinese. If there is anything wrong or I misunderstood, please leave me a comment :3

It only takes 3 days on Steemcoinpan to claim the reward. It is a pos if you want to get reward asap. But like steem, if I found a passage is useful or helpful and want to up vote it after one week, it will be too late... I am try my best to find any way of passive income, the only possible way is lending SP or stake here, but not the post itself.

One thing I have to claim is, I am using another account which I used for testing DAPP and services about Steem, which is my practice only. (I need to log in with active key in order to claim token later). I am hesitate to use private key on any new site. When I click log in, Steemcoinpan asks for keys rather than through Steemconnect (I relatively trust Steemconnect which I used for varies DAPP and services). I am now sure if it is possible for SCP to use Steemconnect.

[EDIT: I chased posts of claiming rewards and found I can use keychain or posting key to log in, and steemconnect to do the transaction]

Like the Steemit.com, when I click wallet, I need to re-log in because it is a separated site now. But the difference is SCP is linked to steem-engine.com for claiming tokens. (There hundreds of tokens!!!!! I had only seen few of them)

The UI is same as Steemit but the hot tag is different, specified to crypto topics. Hm... personally not so into Steemit UI, I like Medium's more for both latest news and article archive.

大家都聊得好HIGH的SCT,謝謝小冰的介紹。大家都在研究如何CLAIM REWARD了,反射弧特長。❤️️


我要說明旳是,這次我是用小號來登入。因為我看它不能像其他遊戲那樣用STEEMCONNECT LOG IN,技術零點我的不敢一下就用主號(我玩遊戲學精了)有事先小號擋。雖然最後還是要用ACTIVE KEY 來LOG IN CLAIM TOKEN就是了。

[EDIT: 我又追追追了大家新一波CLAIM REWARD教學,是可以用STEEMCONNECT或者KEYCHAIN or POSTING KEY的,謝謝大家的教學 (^0^)]

反正登入後大號小號都一樣。一定要跟足STEEMIT嗎?錢包不同的是連去了STEEMIT ENGINE。嘩!好多。。。TOKEN!只見過幾個。然後我本身不太喜歡STEEMIT的UI,反而MEDIUM比較方便(如果想要發展成資訊跟BLOG並存又有那麼一點點設計感的話)


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氮素…你這篇文是用主號發的哇🤣回頭私信下我你的小號,我用icebing925這個賬號給你點贊(那個號有stake SCT啦)

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沒空再寫小號了😂 小號測試完,還是主號來吧,謝謝你的教學

I cant get my head wrapped around so many things related to Steemit and crypto, tbh.... I hope SCP will be beneficial for you, @nanosesame :)

Same here, I am not sure what I can write about crypto, I am not a trader nor professional. I think sharing personal experience of Steem is ok, or some crypto stuffs related to creative. If someday you want to try it out, these will be a good topic. xP

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welcome and enjoy #sct ~~

Thank you 😀