Draw on Blockchain : Hi, I come for checking my coin stored here

in sct •  3 years ago  (Edited)

I am thinking rename Mr. Great. Want a more special name and not start with Mr., it seems a bit old. hm...

Recently, found some Steemian friends and users using a second blog for different topic or specific topic. I have test account, but not for blogging. The keys are used in many places so that I prefer not using that for posting.

In fact it is inconvenient to for uses like me, having a specific topic, e.g. drawing, and developed a group circle who like draws. And if someday I want to write other things, e.g. crypto, photography, sing a song, etc, some may unfollow. (In fact I do, I do review of the following list, delete who have not update for a long time, changing topics which I am not interested.)

Lucky I can see only post about crypto/blockchain on Steemcoinpan, otherwise if someday I want to find out what I have written "about crypto/blockchain", I have no idea where I can find them. (Script may help, but I am a noob about programming...)

The coming AAA, I have a high expectation of this. Even I want to register a new account for it (for posting and stake). Same as SCT, I doubt if I stake them with this main account or I need to reg a new one so that the Steemauto vote on Steem won't affect the vote for SCT posts...

And in the future I will have many account for different games and platform and different token on Steem... A MESS is predictable @@

在想要不要改一下MR GREAT的名字,這個有點老派,而且想要一個更可愛也不標註明MR的,再想想。




另外,我也有點煩惱在SCT上,如果STAKE在這個號,但這戶口已經有在用STEEMAUTO UPVOTE,那好像會影響到在STEEMCOINPAN上UPVOTE,所以也要開一個專門STAKE SCT的門號了嗎?

那麼...... 以後再來其他TOKEN時,我不就要幾十個號了?!將來帳號管理肯定會一團糟 @@

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I think I will not unfollow you even if you start posting different contents, @nanosesame, because it is interesting to see what a person's full interests are ! (to me) !

"Mr" does make a person feel a bit older, haha... Maybe a nick name will be good? :)

😘Sometimes I post special experience like joining conference or premiere, I didn't travel overseas last year, or I will post some travel log when I travel (may be a quick sketch of the place I visited ~~~)

I am not good in naming xDDDD Struggling again!

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