[Notice] Airdrop of R Token based on the snapshot at the unspecified time on 31st July 2019.

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  • Airdrop of R Token is planned and it is based on the snapshot at the unspecified time on 31st July 2019.

  • Objects of snapshot are the SCT Token and SCTM Token.( Staked volume including delegated volume shall be the standards)

  • Airdrop Ratio is 200SCT = 1R token, 75SCTM = 1R token.

  • RToken is the referral meta token which is available to get the referral rights by staking 1R.

  • R Token shall be available to exchange with STEEMP in the steem-engine market in future.

  • The user who staked one R Token is able to recommend one user spending one R Toekn. (Recommendee account should be certified by steempeople(https://steempeople.com) and the Steem Reputation Score must be 30 or less. Certifying condition is not applicable to the recommendee who stays out of Korea.)

  • The recommender shall be rewarded 1 SCTR Token by airdrop when the recommendee reaches to 40 or more of Steem Reputation Score and have staked volume is 200 SCT or more(including delegated volume).(This means Recommender should help recommendee to settle down on the steemcoinpan then shall get reward 1 SCTR).

  • SCTR Token is the utility Token which has the rights to get dividend of Referral Pool (5% of the new create token) that shall be deposited from the notified date later.

  • The plan of Referral Pool 5% and Development Pool 5% shall be executed at same time within two months from now on.

Thank you.

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I can not open https://steempeople.com but
https://www.steempeople.com/ is ok. have a nice day~