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I decided to see Deawoongjeon, which was right next to Mierukjeon.
Deawoongjeon is the most important building in every temple since it is a hall for the Buddha.
Whole Bongeunsa was under construction. I went into the side yard of Deawoongjeon to avoid the construction scene.


There was a brazier to burn stuff. In Buddhism, ceremonies are held for the dead.
One of the most important ceremonies in Korean culture is for the dead, so memorial ceremony for deceased parents is significant.

The brazier next to Daewoongjeon is to burn the clothes worn by the dead.
Koreans believe that if people burn the dead’s clothes, the dead can wear those clothes in heaven.
In most cases, the brazier is in the corner of the temple.
However, the brazier was right next to Deawoongjeon. It is unusual to see.
Why did people put the brazier right next to Deawoongjeon, unlike most cases?



The patterns of the Deawoongjeon’s windows did not differ much from that of Mireukjeon.


A monk was watching Deawoongjeon at the front gate. It seemed like he came from another temple.
It was also unusual for a monk to tour other temples.
I came closer to see what he was seeing.




A giant dragon was decorated under the eaves of Deawoongjeon.
Since Deawoongjeon burnt down during the Korean war, the decoration of a large dragon can be interpreted as a wish to never go through that tragedy again.


In the temple, a monk was performing the ceremony for the dead.
Koreans hold a ceremony for the souls of their deceased parents every year on the day their parents died.
It is believed that if we prepare good food and perform the ceremony, the souls of deceased parents will come down to earth and eat them.
Ceremony for the dead used to practice in countries with Confucian traditions such as China, Japan, and Korea.
Nowadays, this ceremony is held only in Korea now.
However, the ceremony for the dead is gradually becoming a legacy in Korea, either.




Inside of Deawoongjeon was gorgeous.
Red lotus lanterns were hanged full in Deawoongjeon.
The Deawoongjeon is usually a place for praying for the happiness and luck of the living people, so the lotus lanterns are colorful.


The Buddha statue in front of Deawoongjeon was created after the middle of the Joseon Dynasty.
Buddha statues vary slightly depending on the times.
The Buddha statues, which were made a thousand years ago, had a straight waist and head.

As time passed, the Buddha’s back tilted forward.
Experts interpreted it as a process of development of Buddhist doctrines.
Buddhist doctrines were strict in the early days but became flexible as time passed.

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this place looks amazing

Yeah, it was gorgeous!


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Nice temple

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It is, indeed!!

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Great pictures
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Thanks! Have a lovely day :)

Another beautiful temple....

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Thanks for your comment :)

I still love all Your posts can You believe that??? ❤

Thank you so much!! I'll try to keep posting for you :) !!

please do :D

Wow, Nice...
The temple is beautifully decorated. A temple that takes away the mind...! Beautiful photography dear brother...!! Keep it up!! 💚

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Thank you so much :) I'll keep it up!!


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@slowwalker, I can't understand why brazier placed very close to Deawoongjeon. Because Deawoongjeon was very important part of every Korean temples. Koreans had awesome beliefs about after dead. Windows patterns of the Deawoongjeon beautiful to see. The Korean monks also different than our country. I think Ceremony for the dead is traditional thing of there. lotus lanterns superior looks giving to the eyes. Inside wooden carvings also awesome. The Buddha statues very similar to us. Brilliant photo shots.

I also wondered why there is a brazier next to Daeungjeon. I'm just guessing there's a particular reason. I'm curious about what the monks in your country look like!

You can see it through below image.


Wow!!! I knew about ancestor worship and respect for parents, but not about burning the clothes of the dead for use in the hereafter.

As you usually do, the photographs express very well the beauty of the temple with its shapes and colors.

Thank you very much for sharing your reviews. I will have to take me some time to review his blog to solve the puzzle in this area and better understand their traditions.

Thank you for reading my reviews! Memorial ceremony has been an important tradition for Koreans because we used to think in the past that spirits of ancestors would care for their descendants!

Amazing to view from from inside and the patterns along there thanks for sharing

Thank you for reading it :)

Beautiful temple view

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Thank you :)

That is an interesting tradition to burn the clothes of who passed away. From one side that is also good as it must be hard for family to through the clothes away or to see the relatives later wearing the clothes of your parent or close relative. I can remember how angry I was when my my mother gave our father's clothes to his cousin and he try them and appeared in front of us.

The temple looks very inviting and colorful, majestic dragon at the ceiling and such colorful lantern. Beautiful place :)

It must be painful to throw away the clothes or to see the relatives wearing the clothes of the loved one. I'm sorry you had that experience...

Thanks always for reading my reviews!!

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Thank you :)

amazing your posts are best friends, this is indeed your post, the location is very good photography.

Thank you, friend. Have a nice day :)

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Thank you for your warm words. What I am trying to do is to introduce Korean culture. I'll just continue what I've been doing. Your support encourages me. Thank you again :)

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