A terrible war between humans and machines awaits you at Daemon X Machina

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In Daemon X Machina we will move to an apocalyptic and dying world, which strives to survive after the impact of the Moon. After the cataclysm, humanity discovers that within the satellite there is an energy that is corrupting the machines themselves, turning them into lethal beings and possessing artificial intelligence until they become dangerous and diabolical weapons. The Outers, the last remnants of civilization, must stand firm and defend what little is left on Earth.

As Arsenal pilots, the wicks of the game, we must fight against these rivals, personalizing our armor and equipping them with weapons that we can get the fallen rivals. Daemon X Machina incorporates great customization and strategy options, since each enemy to defeat will need some strategy in combat. Following the style of video games like Armored Core and Omega Boost, Daemon X Machina will be the return to the wicks of some of the great creatives of the genre.


Much more than simple robbery fighting

There are two ways to approach the Daemon X Machina experience, but only one of them will make you really enjoy it. If you come to see a chaotic festival of explosions and collisions of robots capable of reducing the remains of a declining civilization to ashes you will be well served, but it will not take long to realize that, behind all that fanfare, arcade sensations have been discarded in favor of a deeper experience and not so dynamic.

That does not mean that the playability of Daemon X Machina is rough. Quite the opposite. Once we have passed a well-studied learning curve, we will be given the rest of the adventure so that we can acclimatize the rhythm, the action and our way of approaching it to our liking and inviting us to experiment with the different weapons that we will collect and acquire. Which brings us to the first strong point of the set: the versatility of your armored Arsenal.

Marvelous has taken the game's personalization system very seriously, so that - as in games like Monster Hunter - getting weapons, equipment and upgrades for our huge wick and improving it will be our greatest claim. But not the only one.

With regard to combat we can fight with all kinds of weapons at hand, from swords to submachine guns, rifles and shields, alternating weaponry and combat style on the fly and in a successful manner. We will even take advantage of the passive or mobility improvements that we have added in our hangar.


Kenichiro Tsukuda wanted to give two new layers of depth to the experience.

  • Our pilot, the Outer, can not only get out and take action when the situation requires it: we can customize it through a skill tree that includes implants, new skills and even attributes that affect Arsenal.
  • On the other hand, the mechanics of Femto have been introduced, so that we can adapt a mysterious energy to our needs by enhancing attacks, defense or mobility. Something that will be decisive when facing robots of titanic proportions.

Unlike most games that carry the Nintendo signature, Daemon X Machina is not a game for everyone. And that's good for those looking for different experiences on Nintendo Switch. As with games based on manganime licenses, the predisposition of the player ends up being what gives the whole form and consistency. And if for example you were looking to give continuity to the Armored Core series, you are in the best possible place.

It is paradoxical that the artistic section of Daemon X Machina defines it so well: the new Marvelous is a contrast of lights and shadows in which the depth of its system of improvements, the endless possibilities of the Arsenal and the constant gratification contrast with basic elements as the setting of the missions.

If I am fair we will find many more positive than negative elements. The apotheosis fighting against Mastodontic Immortals (as challenging as explosives) are a grateful reward for all that dirty work that we will do on behalf of a consortium. And then there is the overwhelming amount of customization possibilities or the special care to give the whole a visual identity. One that, by the way, suits Switch hardware very well.

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