Equip yourself with your proton backpack and get ready for the Ghostbusters adventure

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"Ghostbusters, tell me?"

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is a third-person action game and, in turn, remastering the title released ten years ago in the last generation to offer high resolution graphics. Here we visit places in New York in search of ghosts, demons and other paranormal creatures, having to scan and analyze targets and then go on to hunt, fight and catch a great variety of them, whether new or other relatives.

His story, which is completely original, takes us to a museum, where a watchman witnesses a paranormal event after chasing a girl who had sneaked into the night. This is related to Gozer, an exhibition that has been donated by a guy who is dedicated to the occult, Shandor. Now we put ourselves in the role of a new character who begins his professional career in Ghostbusters, helping the group solve this mystery and rescue the city from the invasion of dangerous ghosts.

Their mechanics are accessible and anyone who has seen the movies will quickly be made to them. We can move freely in any direction and run and then aim and shoot with the proton team and try to weaken the ghosts, always ventilating so that the proton backpack does not get too hot and thus prevent it from short-circuiting and restarting. As a curiosity, our vitality is marked with colors in the team's backpack and indicates the amount of damage that we can endure without being knocked out. If any of our team members falls, we can always go and help them recover.

The first thing we have to use is the psycho-kinetic scanner to track the ghosts, taking a sample of the remains that have been left as a reference. Then we have to keep track of it, increasing the signal as we point the scanner in the right direction. In addition we can register certain elements to consult them later from the menu, something very useful to obtain data of the most complicated ghosts to capture.


The duration of the game is not very long, but getting all the improvements, registering objects, ghosts, and getting the collectibles adds some replayability. To all this we must add the three levels of difficulty, which expand the challenge little by little. In addition it is always a pleasure to see the references to the films, such as characters, the Ecto-I, the occasional location and its iconic ghosts, which also have quite interesting descriptions to read.


The most notable change is found in the graphic section, where the increase in resolution has been really good. The characters have decent modeling and animations, while the scenarios, despite having flat textures and being too linear, comply with having lots of interactive elements that we can destroy. The effects, on the other hand, are very successful, being very similar to what is seen in the movies. It also works at all times very fluently so that the gameplay does not suffer.

Hardware of Ghostbusters


In conclusion, Ghostbusters The Video Game Remastered arrives without noticeable developments beyond the increased resolution. It is still an entertaining game where what is most enjoyed are the references to the movies and the hunting of ghosts, preserving the failures of the original game, as an improvable pointing system that sometimes makes everything quite chaotic, a very simple allied AI or dodge a little agile, sometimes making it somewhat frustrating in the highest difficulties.

Even so, if you are fans of the franchise and you want to put yourself in the shoes of a real Ghostbusters, you are facing a good option that ensures many hours of play. Especially recommended for those who did not play the original.

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