The relentless and visceral fights return with The Surge 2

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The Surge 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed action and survival RPG of Deck13, which greatly expands its combat mechanics, the character progression system, the setting of targets for the limbs and allows us to get booties in a quite original way. Here we have to explore in depth the devastated city of Jericho and fight against fierce enemies to tear them apart and make us with valuable equipment that gradually makes us stronger and, in turn, allows us to face more powerful others, all with a great cast of customization possibilities of the protagonist.

His story tells us about the spectacular accident that has the flight of our character on the outskirts of the city Jericho because of a mysterious storm. Months later, we woke up from coma in a ruined metropolis that has been razed by a deadly disease based on nanites. Unbridled machines roam the rubble, military forces carry out their mysterious plans and the survivors must fend for themselves. Now we have to discover who is the mysterious girl who appears in her memories and who is fleeing alone through the city, all while a sinister expanding nano storm darkens the sky.


The mechanics are simple to learn, especially for those who played the first installment, and once you do them you will see that they work quite well. Here we can move freely, interact with certain parts of the scenarios, sprint, jump, attack vertically or horizontally (being able to even press the button longer to boost them), block and dodge, spending our combat actions a resistance meter that Recover little by little if we don't do others. As we perform good actions, an energy meter is filled in with which we can activate some temporary bonuses and even exchange it for healing loads, being very important throughout the game.

The graphic section has improved considerably compared to the first delivery, but it is still very technically improved. This is mainly due to the graphic engine used by the company, the FLEDGE Engine, which gives certain problems with textures, collision boxes and, not having an aliasing too worked, reveals certain saw teeth. The camera, despite having improved, continues to give problems in narrow spaces and by placing some elements in front. The characters are well modeled and animated, although we miss more variety in them. At least it is appreciated that it works smoothly and has good stage designs, with some really colorful and surprising elements.

The Surge 2 is a title that follows the steps of the first installment but that improves many of its aspects to make the experience more satisfying. This is especially noticeable when fighting, where everything is more precise and comfortable, and when exploring, since its scenarios are better designed and have a greater variety of environments that invite us to explore them. All this, together with the customization system, makes it very complete. It continues to cause some problems, such as an improved technical section and certain moments with the camera, but a great progression has been seen.

Those who enjoyed the original will be delighted with its sequel, also being a good time to discover the saga if you are attracted to action RPGs with lots of customization elements to achieve.

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