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This is the first time I "participate" in this initiative. What initiative you may wonder...Well, a few weeks back, nonameslefttouse had the brilliant idea to push people to dig in their blogs and re-post an article that they think was either "under-rewarded or simply because they enjoyed it back then.

The following post is one of my favorites. Not for some particular reason, it just is. It was even featured by sndbox back then. Can you even imagine?

I used to write about simple things in life such as relationships, our bonds, know the boring sort of posts :P I also made some editing because...Gosh...there where tiny typos everywhere.





What goes around comes around...eventually


There is a golden rule in life...

What you give is what you get...eventually...

Perhaps not in the same format,from the same source, or in the right timing, but it will surely return to you.

Because my dear friend, you cannot always take in life and not giving anything back...

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We are our choices. And as you know, each choice has a price. But we are not talking about choices that do not affect anyone but you...but those that tear apart others.

If in your erotic encounters you have always been an egoist that all he has done is to take advantage of the feelings around him, sooner or later life will send you that very special person to show you how it feels like being on the other edge...

Life will teach you how to reconcile with the crumbs you are begging, while at the same time that it will generously give them somewhere else.

In this way the roles will be reversed, and you will become a victim by an abuser.
And all this will suddenly remind you of something....your behavior.

Life is not like going to a market that you just go through and try the merchandise from the vendors.
You have to pay for what you buy.

We will all pay...and be payed for something.

And it is not a matter of vengeance, but of justice. And balance.
Somehow they have to be rewarded by those who offered and others who did not give anything at all.

Only in this way is the harmony of things maintained.

So how do you think you’re gonna feel when someone else’s turn come and start messing around with you?

Frightening thought huh?

If you have learned that friendship is a one-sided relationship where the concepts of solidarity and understanding are exclusive privileges of the one of two parts, if you believe that you only have rights while the other only have obligations, then I am sorry to tell you, but you will end up alone.

What it is you have done, you will meet them in process.

The rule I was telling you above will find you at your weakest moment, and where you will need more than ever before to have its brilliant exception, it will open its quiver, see that you were nothing but an ungrateful man and will ask for it all at once. No more credit...

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I once wondered why some people would step on everyone to meet their aspirations to rise to the job hierarchy.

Later on I met them during their journey. With the difference that I was slowly but steadily rising while they fell together with their vanity.

But that's how you will learn....

The same I met with those people who had only their dream for a great career.
Finally they ended up alone with her.

I once thought that by replicating the same attitude to another, I would make them hurt more than I hurt.

In life, and as life makes its circle I saw with my eyes the justice to come from elsewhere.

And when you observe them as a simple spectator, the vindication is greater.

Everything is equated.

Every so a few people slip from the rule.
But for the most, it will be confirmed that as soon as the time comes...the stingy will lose money, the friend who stabbed you will be stabbed, your ex who betrayed you will be betrayed...


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