I decided to invest in our Spanish-speaking community and bought 1 SPACOMsteemCreated with Sketch.

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If you don't know what SPACO is, visit their Nitrous site here: https://www.spanish-tribe.com/

The tag to use is "spanish"

I just bought 1 SPACOM. That represents 0.2% of all the SPACO miner supply.

For those who might have missed this one, the Spanish-speaking community represents a very outsized part of our STEEM population, and SPACO appears to be a token that could be highly undervalued relative to their influence here on STEEM.

Currently, SPACOM has a mere $2,284 market cap on Steem-Engine.com, with a max supply of 500 mining tokens, not all of which is available now.

SPACO itself has a 21 billion token supply cap with a mere 2 million tokens currently in existence.

I don't speak spanish, but given I was airdropped some PORN tokens not too long ago, I decided to pour the value extracted from that community that I don't exactly support into one that I would hope has more universal (and wholesome?) value. Not bashing one community over the other, but this move just represents my personal preferences.


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You made the right call on this one amigo. Verás lo unido que somos la gente de habla hispana. Saludos champ!

¡Gracias! Espero que STEEM se convierta en la moneda de la gente.

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