2 strokes together. Reached Gold league II and won 2 golden cards in daily quest rewards on SteemMonsters

in splinterlands •  3 years ago 

Hello everyone, good morning everyone from @steemmonsters, @steem-ace and @battlegames.

Today I finished my beautiful daily quest with the water splinter. It's the best splinter I play because my mage team is good and I like to use good strategies with them.

As soon as I got the 5 quest wins, this appears:

gold II.png

I reached the golden league II with 9 days to go. That's a good omen, because maybe I can get to the Diamond league III for the first time.

Also, my reward cards were these:

cards today.png

One common rare and 2 golden cards, one common and the other rare. I found it excellent !!!!! The most expensive is valued at $ 3.88. Very good, isn't it ??? It could be like this every day ....

Well, that's it folks, I wish everyone a good game and that everyone can have the luck I had today.

Thank you and see you next time!!!

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wow..Gold card

congrats for reaching gold 2

thank you!!!


Nice, hitting two gold out of 7 cards is a nice hit.

Did you use any potions ?

thank you, man!!! No potions here at this time :D