My daily reward cards today on SteemMonsters game

in splinterlands •  3 years ago 

Hello people, Greetings for all of @steemmonsters, @battlegames and @steem-ace.

Today i will show to you my reward cards. I am at golden III level on SteemMonsters season, so, i won just 6 cards. Its a little, mainly because i dont have legendary or golden potion to open this cards, so, my chance to win a good legendary or golden card, or, legendary/golden card together is to much rare, unfortunately. Look what i won today:

cards today.png

5 common cards and just 1 rare :( Snif Snif

Maybe, another day i will have some chance to get more epic/legendary/golden card

Cheer for me, please

thank you all and have a nice day!!!

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Dont cry dear haha not so bad card..

Ops sorry to see these card but you should power up