Today I opened 100 Beta Packs

in splinterlands •  3 years ago 

Hello everyone, good evening everyone from @steemmonsters, @battlegame and @steem-ace

Today I opened 100 beta packs. I used the 100% gold and legendary wells to open ALL packs. I recorded the video and possibly tomorrow I'll show it to you. I sincerely expected more. I thought there would come some very good legendary and gold card, but unfortunately it didn't. However, came some really cool cards, like these for example:

Crypt Mancer.png

Tyrus Paladium_gold.png

zintar mortalis gold.png

I put all the gold cards to sell, because I need money. Those two from the photo for example sold for 12$ and 7$ respectively.

Tomorrow I will show you the full video with all the cards I received !!!! My deck got a good improvement. Some cards I use a lot have leveled up.

This will help me get to the Diamond league for the first time and increase the number of cards I win per season. In addition, the number of decs I will earn will also be higher ...

Good game and good investment in this dear game to all !!!

Good night!!!

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I´ve stopped opening packs a long time ago, mostly because of STEEM price, because I couldn´t afford to lose much money. In your situation, it was very good for improving your deck to reach your next objective.

I igree with your strategy

thank you, man!!!!!

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thank you

congrats dear have a nice day

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