The Plank, a very effective exercise for multiple benefits

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If there is one exercise I like alot, it is the Plank.
I first did it when I was still at school in some the casual exercises conducted by our fitness coach.
I knew very little about fitness and exercise. Later I learnt about the benefits of doing the Plank for atleast four times a week.

Let's see.
The plank increases your flexibilty, how many people can easily hold a plank position for 1 min? Not many! but still few people can stretch their glutes and abdominal muscles and still manage to hold still for 40 minutes.

The Plank improves your posture, Straightening your spine is one underlooked exercise but it contributes alot on the improvement of your posture.

images (4).jpeg
The Plank works so many muscles in one's body, this makes it one of the few exercises that targets almost all muscles in the body. You can always feel the effect of the workout after the doing the Plank. After the Squat I would recommend the Plank to anyone to add into his exercise routine.

The Plank improves balance, holding the plank position for long enough will significantly improve your balance. The side planks are very nice for maximum results, they help your body to adapt to uncomfortable positions.

Overall the plank will be beneficial health wise to anyone who does it for atleast twice a week. It will eliminate back pains, work on your core, strengthen your wrists and make your a fit and a health person.
You should try it.

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