800 load squats in 8 groups

in sportstalk •  2 years ago  (Edited)

At first, when I thought I should stop writing sports articles, my motivation seemed to come back. This feeling is really special. The most important thing is that I have sports every day, but I didn't write.

Since I came back from Malaysia, my exercise volume has increased to 1000 [200 a.m. + 800 p.m.], which is more helpful for my strong body and shape.

A lot of people feel tired from exercise, but it's good to stick with it. Weight squatting as the "king of strength" is most suitable for Yongli to exercise, which is the truth I get from practice.

The life lies in the movement although is not absolute, but is actually, the long time movement really brought a glimmer of luster for the life.

I hope everyone can get enough wonderful, through some positive ways, through sports is a very suitable way.

This afternoon I did 800 squats as usual. I divided the squats into 8 groups, each with 100 squats. I used to take a long time to do it, but now it's only 20 or 30 minutes.

Tomorrow is still like this, come on!


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