I hope to return to Madrid soon- Ronaldo

in sportstalk •  3 years ago 

The portugese superstar has admitted that he misses his former Spanish club real Madrid. He said this at a recent award ceremony. Ronaldo said he hopes to return to the club as he collected his award recently. The superstar has performed so well while he was in real Madrid, he collected 4 ballon and scored lots of goals for the club.


He moved to Italy last summer and he is currently playing for juventus. He says he also misses manu but then prefers to go back to Madrid because that was where his children were born and also his girlfriend is from Madrid.

He plans to go all hard this season to win the champions league for juventus and other cups. But he has said that champions league is very special to him.

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Bro, please put the link of where you got the info, so we could further read about it next time.. Thanks for sharing