How do we Really Fix the Root Cause of SPORTS issues? | We Need White Hat and Economists to Guard Steem Engine

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As @sportstalksocial 's team is closely working on fixing this issue, I think some immediate actions are already taken.

We do hope that, on Steem, we can build an awesome sports community, which could be beneficial to the entire ecosystem a lot. And I believe this issue will be an important lesson for the team to learn to grow faster.

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Immediate Fix

I believe some immediate actions are already taken, or about to be applied:

  • work closely with steem-engine team to stop showing and rewarding the posts that are created before the launch date of SportsTalk.Social.
  • @sportstalksocial team may stake a significant amount of SPORTS to get control of the power in the community. otherwise the wild fire will grow and may hurt more people.

These measures will control the speculation immediately.

But the more challenging part is how to move on from the current skewed power distribution due to the exploit of the bug of editing tags (maybe more potential issues we have noticed yet) to a more healthy growth.

To fix that, financial governance strategies are needed to make it possible to resolve the current issues.

Fix the Root Cause

The current issue is driven by several factors:

  1. The initial power distribution is too random due to the initial delivery of tokens from the @sportstalksocial team, but the team itself have only a tiny portion of all the staked SPORTS to impact the entire community.
  2. The smart contract and nitrous have issues that the speculation are made possible by adding category to old posts to win rewards out of the plan of the founders team. This is kind of financial security issues in the smart contract and application layer (nitrous) that might be hacked again if not fixed.

We cannot eradicate speculators and crackers in the community and the effective solution requires the team to have more in-depth thoughts on the economy system and the smart contract security.

To really solve the issues, we may need to build a internal or external security audit team for steem engine with knowledge about economy and computer security, to guard the benefits of the entire community, and restrict the behaviors of the financial "hackers". Yeah, I mean we need white hat hackers and also "financial experts" on in blockchain communities to make the business to grow safely.

Fundamentally, we also need the @sportstalksocial team to be aware of the potential challenges and risks, learn from their predecessors like SCT and PAL to maintain the healthy growth of the community.

Call For White Hat Hackers/Economists for Steem Engine

Comparing to the Black Hat Hackers who'll always take advantage of the system, we may need White Hat Hackers to join and defend the cool projects and community being hurt by the speculators and crackers.

Here I'd like to call for the efforts from the white hat hackers and practical economists to gather and help do penetration testing for the security and financial issues of steem-engine if any. Otherwise, the similar and more dangerous issues may happen again and hurt more creative ideas and cool efforts in the ecosystem.

Image from the Source

My personal experience about web and system security may help to this team, and I'm interested to contribute when needed.

If you're also interested to join the security efforts of the community, or you may have good knowledge about anti-fraud strategies, leave a message here about your intention and skills, and we may grow the team gradually to fight for the prosperity of the system and community.

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Thanks. Hope the @sportstalksocial team and steem-engine could collaborate to resolve the issues soon. And we do need some long-term mechanism to make the apps and business secure and sustainable.