Football is just another business venture now

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Football used to be a sports where you relax and support your team day in day out but this days, that seems to be the opposite. Everyone wants to make money off football. It makes loyalty harder to come by and the game becomes less enjoyable due to the simple fact of you buy more players with good quality (that usually involve a large sum to money) and you probably win the most trophy.

A friend RECENTLY proclaimed to have lost interest in the sport and I could understand why it was like that. He has been around for a while and he knows how the game was been runed before now, so when he saw how the game is been played and transfer market is been operated on now it was a turn off to him..

Reason being that back then, it was more of talent and having a good coach, But Football has changed so much that talent and a good coach doesn't cut it.. You must be wiling to spend and give big bonuses and money to players daily. Also you must have enough money to buy the best players in your rival team so as to strengthen your own team and weaken your rival teams...

It's a purely calculated business move. Football is more of business now. You get quality players with your money and win more Titles.

Even the fans now bet on games and their loyalty is just as they say something into thing air with it disappearing. It holds no proof, it's all about the money.

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