The English premier league is here baby

in sportstalk •  3 years ago 

Days ago, we all were anxiously waiting to see the premier league get stared. And for sometimes, that looks like years before commencing, it worth the wait.
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Just yesterday, a lot have happened in just one matched player for 1hour 30 minutes. This is the beauty of the premier league, you dived into the game and if you start late, you will be punished.

Updates on what have happened in the league already are :

  • first own goal was scored
  • A match between a newly promoted team versus an already established premier team
  • first goal by a defender
  • first assist by a defender
  • A goal and an assist by one player
  • A game where five goals was scored
  • first injury to a player
  • first goalie substitution
  • first yellow card
    screenshoted on my phone
    More actions will resumed today.. Watch out
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