Top 3 Posts in June, 2019 (Welcome Back)

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How is it going?

After three months, I started making this post again. So what are you going to see in this post?

In the post, I will share my top 3 posts in the previous month that is, June, 2019. In case you miss reading these posts, you can read them now. So let's get started.

Top 01

How To Intercept An Attack To Defend Yourself

Way of intercepting an attack! This is an advanced concept in martial arts. You are in a fight and there is no way out except facing it. You have to know how to intercept your opponent.

Elbow strike.jpg

When your attacker attacks you, you defend that and then you counter attack. This is the first thing. Let's think a little advanced. How about attacking your attackers and defending the attack at the same time. Here defense and counter are simultaneous. Read more...

Top 02

Why Do Winners Love Losing?

We all want to win. That's why we take initiative and work. You think something will work out and do better in the future. The fact is, you do not know the future. So there is uncertainty and risk. You cannot deny that. Something looks pretty cool, but in the end, you feel like it is going to fail and it did actually.

Do you remember how it feels how you lose something?

Why winners love losing.jpg

You feel pretty bad. And you have to hear a lot of negative comments from other people. Some people say, you suck and you cannot do anything better in the future. Read more...

Top 03

Martial Arts As A Way Of Life # 1

What do you think of martial arts?

It is just kicking, punching and fighting.
Well, that's what you see from outside. Martial arts is a way of life.

Martial arts as a way of life.jpg

Wait a second! A way of life! What are you talking about?

Mindset of a martial artist

You see kicking and punching. What do you think where that operates from? Of course, it is from the head, mindset, the way of thinking. A martial artist knows it very well how it feels to hit someone and get hit by someone. They know the pain of getting hurt. In the training, they have to absorb a lot of things. When you know the feeling of getting hurt, you are not going to hurt someone if you are a good person. Read more...

If you want to read more about the post, just click Read more.... By the way, I started making videos on DTube. Please subscribe to my DTube channel. Take care! See you around!

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