800 load squats completed smoothly/800下负重深蹲顺利完成

in sportstalk •  3 years ago 

I feel that today's time is really fast. It's time to exercise in the afternoon. My exercise is weight-bearing squat. I'm doing weight-bearing squats every day. Squatting is the "king of strength", which can always make my body full of energy in a short time.

After entering October, my exercise volume has directly increased to 700, which is a challenge for me to build a strong body through a lot of exercise.

But the reality is always so backbone, 700 load squat I carried out for a month, but at the end of the month in such a amount of exercise, I did not sweat. In this case, you can only increase the amount of exercise. Today's amount of exercise is 800 weight-bearing squats.

It is estimated that the amount of exercise in the afternoons will rise to 800, which is easier to sweat and generate heat to burn calories in the body.

In fact, it's a very good thing for me to improve the amount of exercise, so that I can exercise better. I want my lower body to be full of muscles, I want to have hips, although I have them.
But it's not enough, muscles can be more shaped, hips can be more warped.

However, after a large number of weight-bearing squats, the most practical thing is that the body is getting healthier and healthier, which is the original intention of sports. Don't forget the original intention when you do anything. If you forget the original intention, you will go to another road.

Come on tomorrow morning, go!









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