800 squats this afternoon/今天下午的800下负重深蹲

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What is a real sports lover like? Yes... I am addicted to sports from morning to night every day; I plan scientific and reasonable sports for myself in a certain time every day; or I can't stop sports.

I dare not say all three, but the second and the third I am, especially the second. Today is Sunday, sports still have to continue, but today sports are a little different.

Today, my way of exercise is still "weight squatting". My plan for the amount of exercise is still 700 squats, but I find it is not sensitive to the number.

Every time I finish a hundred squats, I will put a melon seed. This is the way I calculate the amount of exercise. Today, when I finished 700 squats, I suspected that I did 20 less squats, and then I did 100 squats.

For me, it's not how great it is to do 100 extra squats, but my attitude towards sports, because the final result of sports is directly related to your attitude towards sports.

I like to have this amount of exercise every day, no matter 700, 800 or 1000. Exercise makes me happy, exercise makes me healthy and strong.
Keep going tomorrow, go!

一个真正热爱体育运动的人到底是什么样的呢?是... ...每天从早到晚都沉迷在体育运动中;是... ...每天都会为自己在一定的时间内规划科学合理的体育运动;或者是运动的停不下来。








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