A good way to exercise your strength -- tire training/锻炼臂力的好方法——轮胎训练

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With the continuous improvement of people's living water quality, people also pay more and more attention to their own health, often through some sports to exercise.

For me, who loves sports, I not only want to make myself healthy through sports, but also want to make my body stronger and stronger through sports.

Although I love sports very much, my left arm lacks strength and can't pick up heavier things. Through daily weight-bearing exercise, I hope to make my left arm more powerful with the help of weight-bearing exercise.

There are many ways to exercise arm strength, but there is only one way I want to say today - tire training. It is one of the necessary ways for many sports enthusiasts to exercise through tires, because the tires can not only create a strong body, but also be plastic.

The size of tires used in tire training is different. Generally, they are selected according to their own actual situation. Most of the tires selected by the trainers are large tires weighing several hundred kg. It will be very difficult to use such tires for training, but as the amount of exercise increases, the athletes will become more and more relaxed.

It is recommended to carry out weight training through tires as follows

  • Be sure to stretch before training
  • Set a certain amount of exercise for yourself. At the beginning, it is recommended not to exercise too much.
  • Lift the tire in the correct posture
  • Be sure to stretch after exercise

It's still very important here. Sports is always a step-by-step process. Sports fans can't be anxious in the whole process. They have to step by step. Especially in terms of the amount of exercise, the amount of exercise should be from small to large.







  • 训练之前一定要进行伸展运动
  • 为自己设定一定的运动量,刚开始建议运动量不要太大
  • 按照正确的运动姿势抬轮胎
  • 运动完之后一定要进行伸展运动



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