Dangerous and exciting race -- fire race/危险刺激的比赛——火中跑比赛

in sportstalk •  3 years ago 

Friends who love sports should know that sports can be divided into aerobic sports and anaerobic sports. The most representative sport in aerobic sports is running, which appears in various forms.

Today, the sports I said really reflect the sports fanaticism. This sport is a "race in the fire", which is a competitive sport in the running sport.

"Fire in the middle race" is very simple, but the contestants participating in this race really want to be with the fire, because the competition way is: the contestants need to catch fire on their bodies, then run, run the farthest victory.

This competition is different from the ordinary running competition. The "running in the fire" competition is more about who runs far than who can reach the end first. After all, players are on fire. They will ignite and burn themselves at any time. They will be in danger of life at any time.

The farthest runner's clothes are almost burnt to the ground, and the smell of "roast suckling pig" can be smelled far away.

However, for the sake of safety, firefighters accompanied the whole process, and firefighters always prepared to put out the fire with fire hydrants. It's like a movie, but it's very real.

It takes a lot of courage to participate in this competition. The whole process may be scorched. Thrill and stimulation are everywhere in this sport.









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