Different sports weightlessness/不一样的体育运动——失重运动

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Since Newton discovered gravitation, people know that all matter on the earth is attracted by gravitation, which also ensures that human beings can live safely on the earth's surface.

But the word "weightlessness" is related to outer space in a sense. Because outer space has no oxygen and no gravity, it creates the phenomenon of weightlessness.

Human beings are always marching towards the unknown field, exploring the unknown possibility of that kind. In order to make astronauts better adapt to the weightlessness environment in outer space, space engineers invented the weightlessness airplane.

When an astronaut is in a weightless airplane, the weightless airplane will fly in a parabola to form a weightless environment. In weightlessness environment, astronauts can carry out various directional movements, such as eating, drinking water and somersault.

Weightlessness training is a process that every qualified astronaut must go through. Only by simulating the weightlessness environment in the outer sky and training continuously, can we better explore outer space.

But weightlessness is not just for the great astronauts. As ordinary people, we can also participate in weightlessness and experience the feeling of floating in the air.

It is very interesting to play some sports in weightless environment, such as badminton and football. When an object is stressed in weightless environment, its velocity will be very slow, but this kind of motion will be maintained if it is not prevented by external force.

It is very interesting to drink water in weightless environment. Water will not fall because of the gravity of the earth, but will float in the air. And all you have to do is suck it with your mouth. It's going to be great.

Human beings are always willing to try and challenge new things. The emergence of weightlessness just satisfies people's psychology.











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