Diving - swamp snorkeling Championship/潜水运动——沼泽浮潜锦标赛

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What do you like to do when you get to the seaside? Do you want to bask in the sand, swim in the sea or go diving? I believe that many people want to see the world under the sea, so diving is a sport for many people.

But sea diving as long as you master the skills, equipment will be very simple, so it is not very difficult. I think the real difficulty is "swamp snorkeling", which is very challenging.

Swamp snorkeling, a snorkeling and swimming sport originated in England. As the name suggests, the sport needs to be played in the swamp.

Participants in this sport need to prepare fins and ventilators, and then complete two-stage snorkeling swimming in the swamp. During the whole swimming process, it is not allowed to use easy to distinguish swimming posture.

The environment of the swamp is different from that of the ocean. The environment in the swamp is very poor. The water in the swamp is turbid, and there are a lot of debris and mud. The most challenging part is that the snorkeling swimming environment is very poor, and it can not use the swimming posture which is easy to distinguish.

So in the whole process, competitors have to use pedals. Although the competition is very challenging, there are many people who come to the competition. They come from all over the world and wear all kinds of clothes.

Of course, most of the competitors participate in this competition for self entertainment. This competition is not very serious and is suitable for relaxing.

This competition has been held for more than 40 years. Interested friends can go to the UK to participate!










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