Fresh and interesting sport -- underwater chess competition/新鲜有趣的运动——水下国际象棋竞标赛

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There is no wonder that the world is big, so is sports. What happens when different sports are combined? In my opinion, it will be very interesting and challenging.

In the UK, such a sports championship is held, which is a combination of chess and underwater sports, collectively referred to as "underwater chess".

The appearance of "underwater chess" championship breaks the traditional chess competition and underwater sport, which is the embodiment of skill and wisdom. Players in this sport need to wear goggles and then play chess in the water.

And underwater chess is not made of wood or stone. The chess board is made of iron and fixed to the bottom of the water. Then the chess board is magnetic and can be well adsorbed on the board.

This design is more convenient for the development of the game, so as to prevent the chessboard and chess from being washed away by water.

Participants in the "underwater chess" tournament need to have excellent thinking skills, excellent chess skills, and skilled diving skills. In underwater chess, players often need to go to the surface of the water to breathe every step. The whole process takes a lot of time.

But not everyone. Some people with large vital capacity can stay in the water for a long time after changing their breath. A normal chess match takes a very short time, 30-40 minutes at most. The underwater chess game takes a long time.

There are four rounds in the underwater chess championship, because the players need to go to the water to breathe, usually it takes one hour each round. It's really a test of patience, but the results of every round are always exciting.










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