Get today's workout done quickly/快速完成今天的运动量

in sportstalk •  3 years ago 

Today is still a good day. I watched the movie in the afternoon with a heavy squat and 700 squats. In the past, this kind of exercise may take half an hour, but today it is very fast.

Group weight squat is no longer continued, 100 times do not separate, but one-time. The 700 squats can be completed only 7 times.

Do you want to squat with weight every day, or do you want to stretch ahead of time to find a state for the exercise you are going to start. There is no doubt that the effect of weight squatting in good condition will be better.

When I do 700 squats today, I feel most satisfied that I am working hard to finish today's exercise and I enjoy the whole process.

Through the weight squat every day, I'm adding energy to my body and making myself very energetic all the time. At the same time, I'm also building a perfect figure through daily weight-bearing squat. I hope my hips are cocked enough. I hope I have biceps brachii and pectoralis.

When hope comes, a lot of exercise will be done every day to burn the extra mass of the body through exercise, so that the body muscles can be more easily presented.

No matter what, when you do it, you will get something. If you don't move, you'll get nothing.









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