Life goes on and on/生命不止,运动不息

in sportstalk •  3 years ago 

Today's weather is very good. I went out because I had something to do. I finished the 200 load squat early in the morning.

I drove out. I went to the bank to save money for the first time. I went there in short sleeves and tights. Along the way, I found that many people had put on winter clothes, only I was still wearing short sleeves.

The second time I went to the automatic ticket machine of the railway station to pick up the tickets, I saw a man wearing cotton padded clothes and wrapped himself tightly all the way. And I just added a shirt, but it's a very sharp contrast.

Before I went to the railway station, I had finished 700 squats in the afternoon, but I found one problem in two trips - most people lack of exercise.

Many people are busy with their work every day, so they ignore the importance of sports, so that their body's resistance cost is weak. In fact, winter is not cold, but most people lack of exercise, and their body immunity declines.

Everyone should take the initiative to exercise, not to say that they have no time, time is their own. As long as the heart will have time, sports is also very important, should also spend time.

Because "life goes on and on."









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