Military pentathlon - 200M standard rifle shooting/军事五项——200米标准步枪射击

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In the military, gun plays a very important role, especially in the period when the military technology is not very developed, gun plays an important role in the battlefield.

In October 2019, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China launched the 7th World Armyman's games, referred to as "five military events". Among the five military events, the first one is "200m standard rifle shooting". The guns used in the competition are 200m large caliber military standard rifles.

The 200m standard rifle shooting is divided into two sub items

  • Accurate shooting [10 bullets in 10 minutes]
  • Speed shooting [10 bullets in 1 minute]

The 7th world soldier sports 200m standard rifle shooting competition has excellent soldiers from all over the world. In the aspect of rifle shooting, competitors from all countries have very strong strength, and the whole game is "fighting".

The accuracy shooting of 200m standard rifle is medium in difficulty. There are many factors that will affect the accuracy of shooting. For example: heartbeat, wind direction, wind force, gun accuracy, etc.

Although the speed of bullet flying is very fast, as long as there is a little influence of external factors, it will affect the accuracy of shooting. Especially in the battlefield, every bullet is very important, especially for those snipers in disguise.

200m standard rifle speed shooting, which is a little more difficult. Although it's speed shooting, but the final result of the game is mainly the accuracy of shooting. If 10 rounds can all appear with the score of 10 rings, it will be very amazing.

Speed shooting is a test of a gunner's ability of reaction and thinking. The gunner must determine the wind direction and speed in the shortest time, and be calm and stable. Because a lot of factors that don't seem very obvious will directly affect the results of the competition, just like the intensity of the heartbeat.

The 200m standard rifle shooting of the 7th World Armyman's games is very wonderful, among which, the Chinese champion, the Russian runner up and the Korean runner up.




  • 精准射击【10分钟10发子弹】
  • 速度射击【1分钟10发子弹】








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