Military pentathlon - Flying Competition/军事五项——飞行比赛

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"Life lies in sports". Sports involve a wide range of fields. Sports are not divided between you and me. In the life of soldiers, sports are everywhere. The standard to truly reflect whether a soldier is qualified is "military five".

Today we are going to talk about the "Flying Competition" in the military pentathlon. I personally like airplanes very much, especially fighter planes, such as China's j-20 fighter. The j-20 fighter is not only cool in appearance, but also well-equipped, accurate in attack and has a very good deterrent force.

But in terms of military pentathlon, the aircraft used by each country in the competition is different. The aircraft used by the Chinese team is the [August 1st primary education-6 aircraft].
To put it simply, the plane used by the Chinese team to participate in the five military events is China's standard "Trainer".

The trainer is usually used for soldiers to learn and master the driving of fighters. It has a small body and can be flexible in the air. The trainer in the military pentathlon is similar to the World War II bomber, but its configuration and fuselage are far better than before.

On October 19, 2019, the 7th world military games was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, with pilots from all countries participating in the flight competition.

The flying competition in the military pentathlon can be compared to the cross-country rally in the sky, but the final winner or loser is the total score of the competitors, and the winner with more scores will win. The weather was good and the visibility was very clear.

After the start of the competition, the pilots, with their superb driving skills, chase each other and never give up. The joy of the whole flight competition is that every pilot enjoys the whole process and they like to embrace the sky.

In 2019, Liao Weihua, a Chinese pilot, won the championship with 3500 points.










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