Military pentathlon: the birth of a new world record of obstacle running/军事五项——障碍跑新的世界纪录诞生

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Military pentathlon, the full name of "world military games", plays an important role in sports. In 2019, the 7th world military games, a new world record was born.

The birth of the world record comes from the "barrier running", one of the five military sports. The birth of the world record of the military five barrier running is really exciting, especially when you witness the birth of the world record.
here are women's group and men's group in the world record of the military pentathlon, but they are all military pentathlon athletes from China, they do their best only for the last moment.

Women's steeplechase world record

  • Creator
    Lu pin pin
  • time
    2 minutes and 20 seconds.

World record of men's steeplechase

  • Creator
    Pan Yu Cheng
  • time
    2 minutes 09 seconds 05

I'm really very happy to see the birth of a new world record for military pentathlon. As a Chinese, I feel very proud to see the athletes of my country break the world record.

As a big sports country, China has a lot of people who love sports, and I am one of those more than one billion people. Sport is the bridge of communication, sport is the source of happiness that infects the heart, life is not only endless but also endless.





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