Military Sport - grenade throwing competition/军事运动——投掷手榴弹比赛

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In the military war, grenades are necessary for every regiment, even for every squad. The grenade has a very good effect on the enemy's long-distance attack on the battlefield, which is very helpful to frighten the enemy.

Grenades can be divided into offensive and defensive types. Generally, the range of attack grenades is relatively small, usually 4.5-6 meters. The range of the defensive grenade can reach 26 meters, and its killing power is also very large.

In order to attack the enemy from a long distance, the grenade hand needs to throw the grenade precisely to the enemy's area. There is a saying in the Chinese Army: "be prepared for danger". In order to be able to better throw grenades, soldiers will carry out a lot of throwing exercises, and military competitions will be held in various military regions and even in the world.

In October 2019, Wuhan City, China launched the seventh world military games, with the participation of excellent soldiers from all countries in the world. The number of participants reached several hundred thousand. In the military competition, grenade throwing has also become a highlight of the competition.

Because of its small size, high lethality, and easy to carry, grenades are very popular with soldiers all over the world. In military competition, grenade throwing is a military communication with "gunpowder flavor".

In the grenade throwing competition, if the throwing distance of soldiers reaches 60-70 meters,
then it is very good. But as soldiers, they have a momentum in their hearts. Some soldiers threw 102 meters of grenades.

Grenade throwing can be regarded as a shot put in normal sports, but the difference is that grenade throwing pays great attention to distance and accuracy, and requires over shoulder.

I hope that all kinds of military competitions will only appear in the form of sports and positive energy, not in the battlefield. The world needs long-term and stable peace, not war.










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