Record sports, 700 squats today/纪录体育运动,今天的700下负重深蹲

in sportstalk •  3 years ago 

Life lies in sports. Every day's sports make my life more exciting and enrich my life. Today's sports continue, I still carry on the heavy squat today, I am very hard, also very attentive.

From yesterday, I was in the next group of 100 when I was doing weight squat, and I still am today.

Although it's weight-bearing squat, but after a long time, 100 next group is not very difficult. For me, I still have to work hard to do every squat with my heart.

Today, I finished 700 squats with weight in a short time. It's really a breakthrough in terms of movement and time.

Today Monday, I'm still going on. The countdown starts. Come on!







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