Weight squat under countdown/倒计时之下的负重深蹲

in sportstalk •  3 years ago 

Today is Wednesday, after tomorrow I will start, that is Friday. Today I still insist on sports, but I think it is more to say that I am used to sports every day.

This morning and afternoon's weight-bearing squat is a countdown, of course, sports will be carried out every day.

At the beginning of this afternoon, I squatted 700 times with a very fast speed, and I would put a melon seed after finishing 100 times. But one thing is very different. I finished 200 squats before I began to put melon seeds.

I kept the 200 squats at the beginning, which can be understood that I was commemorating the movement at the beginning. After all, 700 squats are also extended from 200 squats.

So it's very meaningful for me to continue to refuel in the future.







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