Five ways you can earn DEC on Splinterlands.

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What is DEC?


DEC stands for Dark Energy Crystals which are in the in-game token for Splinterlands and can be used to potions and orb packs in the Splinterlands shop and also trade them on for Steem, among many other uses.

In this post we will be focusing on the four ways you can get yourself some DEC. Get excited because this is very easy to do.

  • Tip: Using the Keychain Extention for Chrome is the safest way to protect your private keys. It is also the most convenient way for performing transactions on the Steem Blockchain. Find it, download it, and start using it...

1- Buy on Steem-Engine.


Steem-Engine is a market place for several of what can be described as Tribe tokens on the Steem Blockchain. Basically, communities are formed around a particular interest (Tribes) and are then able to tokenize and sell that token on Steem-Engine.

Splinterlands is no different. All you have to do is deposit Steem on Steem-Engine as Steem-pegged and then find DEC in the tokens section and buy as much as you want.

2- Earn by playing Splinterlands.


This is one of the most fun ways of earning DEC and even though it might seem like a difficult task it really isn't.

If you are new to Splinterlands you start of in Novice league where you battle opponents with similar low level cards as you so you always have the chance to win some DEC. You can then either hold the DEC until you have a massive pool of it or just send it to Steem-Engine and sell it for Steem.

3- Burn cards you are not using.


If you have a bunch of cards you are not playing with on Splinterlands you might be better off burning them for DEC. You should be careful with this because the process is not reversible and you are probably better off selling them on the market for Steem or SBD since you will probably earn more.

However, it might take one or two days for someone to actually buy the card. If you really are in a hurry, burning the card for DEC might seem the more attractive option.

4- Delegating SP to @Steemmonsters.


If you are like me with low Steem Power it is obviously not worth much voting on content because you are probably giving less that a cent to the author and that is before curation rewards kick in.

One of the best ways of making sure that you are getting some worthwhile returns is delegating to Steemmonsters and letting you SP earn you DEC passively.

Steem Peak is one of the easiest place to do this in the wallet section. (Just discovered it today)

Make sure to maintain at least 100SP so that you do not run out of Resource Credits which would mean you would not be able to make any transactions on the Steem Blockchain until it recharges.

5- (NEW) Buy Directly on Splinterlands with Tron or Steem-Engine.


This is a massive and convenient addition to Splinterlands that was introduced yesterday. You now no longer need to go into Steem-Engine to buy DEC.

You can do all that through Splinterlands with Steem or TRX.

  • Disclaimer: The conversion rates shown are based on current market conditions and may change. The amount of DEC purchased will be based on the lowest DEC price that can be obtained at the time of purchase + a 5% processing fee.

Remember DEC is an in-game currency and are not backed by any asset. DEC is used to buy Potions, Skins and Orb packs on Splinterlands.

I hope this article has been helpful. If it has leave a comment below and let me know. :D

Have a lovely day.

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