Splinterlands Journal: Reinvigorated

in spt •  3 years ago 

Splinterlands Journal: Reinvigorated

After gaining some momentum last season to finally get an account back into the Champ 3 zone, I'm feeling pretty pumped and ready to pour some more time into Splinterlands again. As previously mentioned, I used to be able to get multiple accounts into the Champ zone but began to seriously regress in light of time management issues.

Now after a better season reset, I've already been able to reenter into the Champ 3 zone for @fantasycrypto. I plan on working on another account in order to gain some momentum there.

The one thing that is absolutely true is how difficult it is to get back out of the swamp that the Silver Leagues are in order to climb back on top. So anything to get out of there and prevent that daily grind will be good for me.

In other news, I just bought 500 packs the other day. Found it was a much more ideal way of entering back into STEEM than going the Coinbase route.

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