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Splinterlands Journal: Reviewing The Minotaur Warlord

Out of all the new promo cards derived from the Orbs, I find that the one I am most attracted to is the Minotaur Warlord. This is somewhat odd given that I don't believe its the most powerful of the new cards introduced.

I think what it comes down to, however, is the new flexibility it introduces to an already powerful and capable Earth splinter.

Specifically, while the MW can front tank it on its own, hes also a powerful monster to use in the game formats that allow melee monsters to attack from all positions. This is particularly the case due to his very high damaging blast attacks.

His ability to return fire is arguably one of the most coveted abilities at present given the merciless barrage of unreturned firepower ranged attacks currently whip out in most games. His high health also fits very smoothly into a heal-friendly Earth splinter's army of minions.

Yet the MWs faults are also glaring. High mana cost and limited damage protection (shield/void) leaves your front very exposed more often than not to fast hitting teams.

Nevertheless, on high mana formats, a leveled up MW can leave your enemy feeling sore after the pounding he can dish out.

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Nice review I didnt know about the MW until now, damn thats my type of card. I wonder how much it costs to max it. Would go look it up.