Splinterlands Journal: Skeletal Warrior is a champion

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Splinterlands Journal: Skeletal Warrior is a champion

Two mana! Two!!!

For all the bang that the Skeletal Warrior brings, his mana cost is what truly sets him apart.

At max level, the SW is able to deter an opponent in most instances at least two hits and often much more thanks to that powerful shield. Although susceptible to magic attacks, the SW can often serve as an incredibly efficient buffer between your tank and your soft interior monsters.

Its unfortunate that he doesnt attract sniping attacks or dish out damage, but in game formats where you suspect more melee and ranged will be used, the SW is a very deceptively deadly monster to use based on efficiency gains alone.

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I haven't found a huge use for Skeletal Warrior. I don't deal death too often, and when I do, it'd have to be a pretty low many cap to spend a slot on such a weakling. Oftentimes, Cocatrice would be a better tank if you think they're not tossing magic.

Possible an interesting card for Up-Close-And-Personal, but then again, I usually need heavy hitters that can kill faster than a beefy monster heals.

Its all about that shield. Amplifies the damage he can take in a very meaningful way at higher levels.

I love this card, sometimes he can be in a good way.

But he is at level 1 in my deck cause i focus Water, then Life, then Death. So it's not all time he can be used.