Splinterlands Journal - The Cerberus Badass

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Splinterlands Journal - The Cerberus Badass

Cerberus is that one monster you wish you could play in every scenario but often find yourswlf somewhat restrained to do so.

In particular, his self healing capacity and ability to retaliate squarely places him on the offensive side of the sprectrum with the ability to dish out real damage when taking hits and giving them.

What makes him even more deadly is his strong stat line with high damage, speed, and health.

While he can be useful in the secondary and rear positions for sneak defense, Cerberus can often fall short in the front tank position. And as a secondary tank, hes limited with the inability to attack every turn.

As suck this badass is best used in specific situations and game formats that require high stats for low cost, but is hardly used in standard game formats.

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What do you think of the new gaming site steemace.io? I found this post there.

Seems good to me. Nothing to stand out yet.

@fantasycrypto, I use this card more often and without any doubt this one is effective.

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