Splinterlands Journal: The Humble Pirate Captain

in spt •  3 years ago 

Splinterlands Journal: The Humble Pirate Captain

At max level, the Pirate Captain can be pretty treacherous upon its foes.

By far, its clearest weak spot lies in its meager 3 health which will always keep all of his upside in check with the threat of an instant death. Thankfully, there aren't too many well-used reflectors of damage that could affect ranged attacks. At least, not yet.

That said, for only 3 mana, the PC offers a pretty devastating punch with its 3 ranged attack damage. This is particularly the case when paired with the neutral Centaur for a 1-2 sniping punch to the enemy's interior gut.

Yet, where the PC truly shines is in its Inspiration ability, which can be absolutely devastating when one is focused on sneaking monsters, which often tend to be melee-based. An example of my most recent match using this combination can be found below:


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