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Knights United: Tallying Participation & End of Season Demotions

As the season ends, I want to thank you all for participating in the furtherance of our guild's progress. As previously stated in our prior blog post, we have instituted a new contribution mandate in order to keep a tab on active participation:

This mandate went into effect this season and hopefully did not catch too many off guard. Thankfully, it appears most members got the message and proved to be active participants meeting the minimum 500 DEC contributions.

Unfortunately, several members did not qualify and will take a rank demotion as a result. Recall that all members start off at the rank of "Sr. Member."

The following members will be demoted to the rank of "Member":

What does this mean??

Bear in mind that tentatively this doesn't mean much, but it does allow for members with greater ranks to reign over members below them (including the ability to kick lower members out if they so decide). Do not forget that members with the rank of "Member" can contribute a total of 1000 DEC in the following season to be restored to "Sr. Member." Recall also that members that have been kicked out can reapply to get back into the guild.

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Hello there ! I completely forgot this. I am going to contribute more right now. Sorry 😐

  ·  3 years ago (Edited)

I understand a whip to get some taxes collected is needed ;) but maybe the total amount of DEC contributed would be fairer. Or at least weighted X = (A x total + B x season) to push tax collection a bit ;)
@chrisroberts being demoted while he's contributed 2nd largest amount od DEC and is active is too harsh in my opinion.